Aluminium Foil for Lithium Battery Cathode Current Collector

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Aluminum foil is widely used as substrate (current collector) for cathode materials coating in Li-Ion battery research. The naturally formed oxide layer provides the resistance to corrosion and oxidation at high potentials. Aluminum has a good thermal and electronic conductivity when used as current collector

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Zhejiang New Aluminum Technology Co Ltd is a leading marketer and supplier of high-performance aluminum foil rolls for battery manufacturing. Aluminum has been extensively used in recent years as a cathode foil in the manufacturing of lithium-ion batteries. Notable applications include consumer electronics and power tools, to Hybrid and Electric Vehicles. Our product line includes high-purity etched Al foil and battery-grade foils made from various alloys 1235, 1070, 1050, 1060 from the thickness 0.01mm to 0.035mm


To raise the output power, the HEV battery has a thinner active material layer than the commercial batteries.

The smaller the foil thickness variation, the smaller can be made the thickness variation of the active material.

This advantageous property of our product has been highly appreciated by every automotive battery manufacturers, and is often a decisive factor in accepting orders.


Aluminium Foil for Lithium Battery Cathode Current Collector


1060 1070 1235 O /H18


0.01- 0.03mm  (tolerance:±5%)

Width and tolerance

300- 1200 mm (tolerance:± 1.0mm)


200 - 500kg per roll coil (or customized)

Surface quality

Free of black spot, line mark, creases, clean and smooth, no corrosion stains, wrinkles, and fish tails. Surface quality has to be uniform and no chatter marks.

Core material

Steel / aluminum

Core ID

Ф76mm, Ф150mm (±0.5mm)


Fumigation free wooden cases(keep us informed if any special requests)

Tensile Strength(Mpa)

》190 MPa (according to thickness)

Elongation %



A  grade

Surface wetting tension

≥32 dyne


for battery case of new energy, mobile phone and digital products

Deliver time

within 20 days after getting the original LC or 30% deposit by TT

Product specifications and parameters(thickness:0.010-0.030mm)


Standard 1

Standard 2





Standard width ±1mm

Standard width ±1mm


0.016±0.002 mm


areal density

42~46g/ m2


With transverse surface density uniformity

≤0.003 g/ 40×40 mm

≤0.003 g/ 40×40 mm

The same volume of vertical surface density uniformity

≤0.03 g/ 400×40 mm

≤0.03 g/ 400×40 mm

High temperature oxidation resistance (200°C*30min)

No oxidation

No oxidation

Connect no



Chemistry content(Al)






Normal temperature Tensile strength kgf/mm2



After 1200C baking 1h, Tensile strength kgf/mm2



Coating performance

Aluminum foil with uniform tension on both sides, slurry coating uniformity

The thickness of Aluminum foil is one of key features for the battery power density. Thin thickness benefits the power density while increases the cost. Currently, 12um is the most popular thickness for battery R&D and industries.

Note: The aluminum foil surface can be coated by carbon, cathode materials, e.g. LiFePO4, LiCoO2, upon requests....

Quality Guarantee

We have strictly quality control system from aluminium ingot to finish aluminium roll products, and test all products before packing,just in order to make double sure that only qualified product will be delivery to clients  as we know even if little problem by us in our factory maybe lead to a  big trouble for clients when they get .If customer need ,we can apply the SGS and BV inspection when producing or loading.





Power battery shell, connector, Pack box for power battery, power battery for the compartment, pouches of lithium ion battery, battery cell.


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