Successful in Euro Building Exhibition

It is a resounding success for us to attend the BUMDA 2024 Building Material Exhibition in Poznań before our Chinese New Year .


It is the first time for us to Euro after the COVID-19 ,which has suspend 4 years ,Normal we go to visit our partner every year.

We come two teams this time ,one team in the exhibition and the other team want to visit our regular customers and partners in Euro .

The team in the exhibition met more than 20 Prospective customers for the coating aluminum coil for roofing ,coating aluminum strip for the shutters and Aluminium foil for the new energy of battery. They took the samples and changed the contact details ,some of them would come to visit us when they are in China next time .

Other team went to Germany customers for the Hollow Glass , went to Spain and Greece for the Shutter and Window, also visit our old friend more than 15 years ,our Africa business agent in France and other partners in Hungary ,Poland and Italy.

The participants were all in high spirits, engaging in face-to-face communication and fruitful exchanges. We delved into various details, analyzed the current situation comprehensively, and proposed numerous constructive ideas for future collaboration.

Despite the imposition of a substantial anti-dumping duty on aluminum products in Europe, our products continue to exhibit exceptional competitiveness in terms of both quality and price.

Zhejiang New Aluminum Technology Co Ltd have fully immersed ourselves in work after our Chinese New Year holidays.

Our company is scheduled to participate in the ERBIL BUILD EXPO 2024, which will be held in Iraq during the month of May.

Hope to meet more old customers and new friends there, welcome everyone!

If you have any questions or are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us.

Yours Faithful 

Mr Aloys

The Export Manager 


Whatapp:0086 133 3603 9679 

Zhejiang New Aluminium Technology Co.,Ltd

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Post time: 02-21-2024
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